We have access to just about any mobile stage size you need.  This is an example of the SL250 stage.  Other sizes include SL320, SL260, Apex and a variety of different shade roofs as well.  Don't see your size; call us, we can offer a solution for you.

Mobile Staging 

Our Bil-Jax stage systems come in 4' x 4' sections and can be configured into any height you desire.  With our ever expanding inventory and specialty pieces, these sturdy stages can fit almost anywhere.  With precise application from our crew, the adjustable heights even allow for a level stage to be built on a hill. 

Bil-Jax Staging

Our stage rental inventory includes handrails to allow for ADA compliant ramps and staging, specialty pieces  to allow for that odd stage you're looking to build, multiple step sizes and alignments for any height, and skirting to make sure our stages look show ready upon building.  

Stairs, Handrail, Skirting, & Specialty Pieces

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