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Design-Build Process

Axiom Audio has more than a decade of experience in the live events and AV industry, and we use that experience to give our clients the best possible equipment in the best possible way. That’s why we follow a proven 5-step process that allows us to provide quality service at every step. Our plan is to create a solution that is tailored to your exact needs, whether you're a charity, church, band, or corporate organization. We can handle all phases of installation and operation of equipment for audio, lighting, and staging, both for one-time live events and ongoing business use.



.1 Consultation:

Whether you’re seeking a PA system rental for an event in Rogers, AR or stage rigging equipment for your venue on the West Coast, every project with Axiom Audio starts with a discovery process where we strive to understand your goals. With this information, we are able to develop a solution tailored to your unique needs. During this consultation, we will discuss how best to balance your goals with the realities of current technology capabilities, scope of budget, and future needs.


.2 Design:

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we can develop a detailed plan for your project. Our expert AV team will design the staging, lighting, sound, and/or visuals for your desired system. This design will encompass detailed insight into the specifics for the event or installation area, including labor and equipment specifications. After developing the design plan, we will solicit your feedback and adjust the plan accordingly so that it is 100% satisfactory.


.3 Project Management:

From start to finish, your AV or staging project will be actively managed by an experienced member of our team. Your dedicated project manager will be there to answer any questions you might have, while providing continual updates and information about the status of your project. For live events, our staff can join you on-site the entire time to manage the system, or we can provide system operation guidance to a member of your team so that the lighting, roofing, or sound equipment rental goes smoothly for your event.


.4 Installation:

After you decide on the desired sound system or staging equipment, we offer installation services in which we source all AV equipment and assemble at the event or building location. We handle every aspect of the stage or sound system installation process at your business, including equipment placement, wiring, acoustics and sound optimization, and more. The installation isn’t finished until you’ve had a chance to review and approve the final product. The length of time for this phase is dependent upon the time frame of the event or construction and the scope of the planned work.


.5 Service, Training & Support:

For both rentals and permanent installations, our team is available for initial training and ongoing support. We want you to be completely comfortable in the operation of your business sound system, which is why we offer thorough documentation, in-person training sessions, and ongoing customer support. In addition to training your team members in the use of the equipment, we also offer on-site operation of systems for live events.